Wedding Party

Rachel Weisgerber

Rachel is the most beautiful girl in the world. KJ is lucky to have met and successfully wooed Rachel.  She is adventurous, smart, bossy, and very self confident.  I can’t wait to be married to Rachel!

KJ Brown

KJ is a super fun person who makes Rachel laugh and smile. He loves video games and even more than playing them he loves finding the perfect video game for everyone. KJ has been a fantastic travel companion and Rachel looks forward to a life time of traveling the world with KJ. We’re getting married!!

Nicole Copes
Maid of Honor
Cousin of the Bride

Nicole is Rachel’s cousin and the two have grown up together side by side. They spent many years playing with My Little Pony’s, Strawberry Shortcake, and watching Smurfs. As they got older they moved onto the skating rink where they rocked out many a weekend to the YMCA on skates. Nicole is now a proud mommy of her daughter Destiny and her son Logan. Nicole met KJ when Rachel brought him to a bar where Aunt Sandy also showed up looking for cinnamon. In her spare time Nicole makes and decorates amazing cakes and cupcakes.

Nick Luisi
Best Man
Friend of the Groom

Nick met KJ when he was in 6th grade.  Playing Magic the Gathering, Starcraft and a bunch of other dorky games they stayed friends through high school.  After college Nick often came down Olde City to go bar hopping with Rachel and KJ.  Nick also enjoyed a few drinks (Nichi Biru) when visiting Rachel and KJ in Osaka.  Currently Nick and KJ’s team are ranked in the bronze league in Starcraft 2.

Kevin Garrison
Friend of the Bride and Groom

While deciding what to do as a grad student in Rowan, kgarr met KJ in the lab.  Quickly kgarr joined the bowling team.  kgarr and Rachel had grown up together and kgarr became an integral part of the meeting of the Bride and Groom.  kgarr has visited Rachel in Ecuador as well as visiting KJ and Rachel in Japan.  kgarr currently holds KJ’s old job as an engineer for the Navy.  According to Qing “kgarr rocks”.

Bob Martin
Friend of the Groom

Bobby and KJ grew up together, played soccer together, were in scouts together, were college roommates together and have hung out a lot since college together.

Kaitie Brown
Sister of the Groom

Kaitie grew up as KJ’s sister.  She met Rachel after Rachel and KJ started dating.  Kaitie has travelled the world including countries such as: Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, India, Vietnam, New Jersey, China, Myanmar, and Japan.  Kaitie currently lives in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corp Volunteer and has become a master of Dominos.

Patrick Weisgerber
Brother of the Bride

Patty Flatty is Rachel’s first baby brother and an avid Phillies fan. He’s spent a lot of time with his big sister while visiting her at college, visiting her in Ecuador, and spending lots of other “Forced Family Fun” together. Patrick’s childhood nickname was quickly changed when KJ came onto the scene. KJ renamed Patrick to Paddy McFladdy to bring out the Irish in him. KJ and Patty have spent many an hour together shooting bad guys and racing cars.

Zac Weisgerber
Brother of the Bride

Zac is Rachel’s youngest baby brother and a die-hard Phillies fan. He has put up with a lot of big sister torture growing up but he survived! Zac and Rachel share a love of Apple products however Zac does not like the fruit apples (or any fruit for that matter). Zac first met KJ when he was invited to the Yale House to play video games. Zac, thinking that a poor college kid might not have a lot of video games, brought over a few of us his own. He quickly realized however that his sister was dating a video game connoisseur. It was then that Zac knew, him and KJ would get along just fine.

Jenn Laing
Friend of the Bride

Jenn and Rachel met freshman year at the University of Delaware as Russell B girls. They shared many a class and many a late night studying. Since going to class didn’t fill their time, they joined the student theater company, HTAC. Jenn and Rachel worked together for the next 4 years while directing, stage managing, costuming, set designing, and more. In their free time Jenn taught Rachel all there was to know about Animal Science and Rachel taught Jenn about Calculus. Rachel & Jenn also share a love of travelling so they convinced their respective boys (KJ and Bill) to join them in a trip around Argentina. When they all survived that trip they knew they had each met “the one” and the four of them became friends.

Nora Webber
Friend of the Bride

Nora Murphy (now Nora Webber) started off as a friend of a friend. However, Rachel & Nora’s mutual love of beer and using power tools brought them together and the became friends. Even though Nora spent most of her free time with the University of Delaware Band, Rachel convinced her to use her finance knowledge to help HTAC (college theater) keep their books balanced. Rachel and Nora worked on many shows together and Nora helped out in many ways. Including, during the one show, sitting backstage and watching the flyers playoff game on the TV Rachel brought over from her dorm, and then giving a play by play over the headset to Rachel. Nora married a great but equally dorky guy as KJ so spending time with Nora & Andy as a couple has always been tons of fun!

Ryan McDevitt
Friend of the Groom

McDevitt and KJ met after they failed Chemistry 101 and ended up in a remedial Chemistry class.  Sharing a love for BBQ Chicken Pizza and procrastination, they became college roomates logging over 50 hours of Smash Bros.  McDevitt currently works for a company that designs wind farms and hopes to eventually start his own company “McDevitt Blows”.

Chris Owens
Mayor of 5606 Ridge Ave

Chris is going to marry us! We asked Chris Owens to officiate our wedding because we both enjoy his company and consider him a good friend. We met Chris when we moved into the Manayunk house. He had been dubbed “The Mayor” by other tenants in the house and we quickly realized how perfect that title was. Chris made sure we all had what we needed, and we had a good time. If we ever needed something for a party we were allowed to “go shopping” in the basement which is where Chris housed all of his goodies. After leaving Manayunk, we certainly miss Chris’ basement but we miss him even more! We are very excited to have him stand before us on our wedding day and guide us into marriage.

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